Central Plains Co-op Pharmacy is committed to the well-being and total care of our customers. If you need a prescription filled, some health care advice or some health and beauty products, stop by our pharmacy today!

Our pharmacists are also able to give you your seasonal flu shots and treat minor ailments.  The minor ailments include: mild acne, hay fever, seasonal allergies, cold sores, diaper rash, canker sores, oral thrush, painful periods, acid reflux, headaches, hemorrhoids, muscle strains and sprains, bacterial skin infection, athlete's foot, ring worm and groin itch.

Central Plains Co-op Pharmacy is also excited to share that it is now easier than ever to get your prescriptions refilled by the Central Plains Co-op Pharmacy Team.  You can refill your prescription over the phone by calling 306-882-1215 and following the voice prompts or you can refill your prescription online here, just fill in the required information and click submit.