Co-op Week Celebrations

October 5, 2017
Co-op Week Celebrations

October 16-20 is Co-op Week! Come celebrate with us!

Mon. Oct. 16 - Taste of Co-op at your Marketplace Food Store in Rosetown

Tues. Oct. 17 - Admin Grand Opening in Rosetown

Wed. Oct. 18 - Coffee & Cookies at your Agro Centres (Rosetown & Landis)

Wed. Oct. 18 - Cake & Coffee at your Food Store in Eston

Thurs. Oct. 19 - Cake & Coffee at your Home Centre in Rosetown

Fri. Oct. 20 - Free Coffee Friday at your Deli, Convenience Stores & Gas Bar (Rosetown, Eston & Perdue)

Use #itsyourweektoo to share your photos with us!